Kvenland – Tarinamatka Pohjanmaan juurille

This thesis highlighted the story of ancient Kvenland, based on the Scandinavian sagas, which formed the basis for a concept proposal for a narrative service product. The concept proposal utilizes digital tools in conjunction with nature and ancient sites in Ostrobothnia. This thesis, based on cultural tourism, was commissioned by Mid Nordic Committee and targeted young international modern humanists as independent travelers.

The thesis introduced the story of Kvenland and its theoretical background, as well as the theory of historical and digital productization, nature sites and ancient historical sites and the impact of meaningful society on cultural tourism. For this work, five semi-structured individual interviews were conducted with the employees of tourism industry or tourism related industry. When developing the concept proposal for a narrative tourism product, the factors that allowed for different experiential experiences were considered, highlighting, for example, historical re-enactment, different sensory experiences, closeness to the nature, the meaning of life, integrated map and AR technology, visuality and archaeological sites.

The concept proposal for a Kvenland story trip was planned as a three-day trip to Ostrobothnia, where tourists would visit a total of twelve ancient historical sites combined with Kvenland’s story through digital means. The customer journey was planned to be implemented mainly through a mobile application and by independent travelling. In addition to the main destinations, proposals for possible secondary destinations offered by co-entrepreneurs were suggested. The concept proposal was created so that the thesis can be turned into a practical measure.


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